The Psalms Series

Unprecedented in scope, the The Psalms is a series of visual depictions of each of the 150 psalms painted of the course of 15 years. By giving visual voice the words of King David, The Psalms Series reacquaints  the world with most beautiful poetry of spiritual longing known to man. The Psalm collection is available for sale [...]

The Sun Series

Utilizing the sun as a healing motif, The Sun Series is comprised of 42 paintings. Every line, brush stroke and color choices was carefully selected to illustrate the Kabbalah notions of healing, light and mediation, with the express aim of brining the viewer to a higher awareness of mind and soul. The Sun collection is available [...]

The Tree of Life Series

The Tree of Life collection is available for sale in a series of fine Lithographs and Canvases of different sizes and prices: /* .price ins .amount {color: #f19100;} .price ins {background: transparent;} */ .inn-sec img{width:100% !important; } Tree of Life 11 /* .price ins .amount {color: #f19100;} .price ins {background: transparent;} */ .inn-sec img{width:100% !important; } [...]