• Art as an expression of prayer

  • The only museum of its kind in the world, The Museum of Psalms was established in 1995 with a mandate to serve the public's hunger for art of a spiritual nature.

    The Psalms is a series of visual depictions of each of the 150 Psalms painted over the course of 15 years by Moshe Tzvi Berger (1924-2015).

    Featuring essentially the work of Moshe Tzvi Berger on permanent display, each painting included in the museum's collection is a visual poem, blurring the lines between aesthetics and meditation to soften the eyes and connect the souls.


  • Collections

    • The Psalms Collection

    • The Tree of Life Collection

    • The Sun Collection

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Experience the works of Moshe Tzvi HaLevi Berger firsthand is a unique experience. Visit the Museum of Psalms in the Heart of the Old city of Jerusalem and experience as The Psalms Series, Sun Series, and Tree of Life Series come alive.

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