The only Museum of its kind in the world, The Museum of Psalms was established in 1995 with a mandate to serve the public’s hunger for art of a spiritual nature.

Founded under the auspices of Rabbi Meir Yehudah Getz,rabbi of the old city of blessed memory, The Museum of Psalms features the Psalms Collection painted by Moshe Tzvi Halevi Berger over the course of 15 years. (1988-2002).

The Psalms Collection is based on the Holly Book of Psalms of King David and is composed by 150 paintings, one painting for each one of the Psalms.

The Book of Psalms is a sacred work, cherished throughout the generations. These compositions are perhaps the most heartfelt and deepest outpouring of yearning ever expressed by man to his creator.

It is a difficult challenge for an artist to translate each one of the Psalms from their original language to the language of visual art.

Moshe Tzvi Halevi Berger completed this task with remarkable success to worldwide reknown.

These paintings are composed of colors which represent certain divine attributes according to the jewish texts.

The element that is most striking in the realization of these paintings is the use of vibrant colors and Hebrew letters, each one of which contains layers of meaning and power, to convey King David words.

Above the Psalms Collection that The Museum presents by rotation and particular themes through the year, Moshe Tzvi Halevi Berger realized another two Collections of paintings that bring once imagination to meditation, prayer, faith and visual healing through colors; The Suns Collection and The Tree of Life Collection.

The Museum was previously located on Rabbi Kook street, in Jerusalem. During the year 2015, the Museum moved to the old city , on Chabad street 56.

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Experience the works of Moshe Tzvi HaLevi Berger firsthand is a unique experience. Visit the Museum of Psalms in the Heart of the Old city of Jerusalem and experience as The Psalms Series, Sun Series, and Tree of Life Series come alive.

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